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The Fox House
Feel at home is the motto of The Fox House, So we value exclusivity and comfort as key posts to inspire you to enjoy your stay freely in a space that is yours...
Casa dos Moinhos
The Casa dos Moinhos of Monastery is a house that belonged to the Order of Malta. Even today we can see the symbol engraved on one of its stones. This Order is known as...
Paço de Vilharigues
Set in a renovated 17th century manor house combined with modern architectural details, Paço de Vilharigues is located in a rural setting, 4 km from Vouzela. The property’s building is attached to...
Mosteiro de São Cristóvão
Possibly the first Cistercian monastery to be founded in Portugal, the monastery of São Cristóvão de Lafões dates from 1138/1140 and was rebuilt by the monks in their present form at the end of the...
The Getaway Van
We are a campervan rental service located in the North of Portugal. With our vans, travelers explore at their own pace, with the freedom of having no ties and the assurance of a great service. Our mission is to provide the adventure of a lifetime!
Casa das Palmeiras
On the Serra da Estrela plateau, find paradise in the countryside, escape the hustle and bustle of the city and let yourself be carried away by the magic and peace that this farm has to offer.
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