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About Us
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Commitment to the planet

We are a company born of the dream of wanting to share with others this wonderful world where we live.

Over time we learn, we make mistakes and we came back to learn and that we have become one of the best adventure travel companies in Portugal.

We always had as horizon 4 points for us very important: environment, people, quality and safety.

Since 1996 we have been working hard to get more and more people to discover and respect this wonderful world.

Join this growing breed.


To create situations that enhance physical, social, spiritual, intellectual and emotional experiences that enable people to enrich their quality of life, stimulate learning and self discovery processes, build a sense of community and respect for the environment, improve health and Have a lot of fun.


The belief and commitment in our values ​​guide us and all our employees in our activity. These values ​​are consequence of the special character that we recognize in the experiences of Adventure.

The members of our team have a balanced set of technical and interpersonal skills, personal and social qualities, able to carry out a competent, objective and sensitive work to the participants' needs.

We carefully choose and program our actions in accordance with the most stringent safety rules and safeguard the emotional integrity of the participants while stimulating and seeking to develop self-confidence and self-esteem.

We respect people in their individuality, value diversity, and encourage positive and non-discriminatory attitudes.

We seek to encourage participants to develop all aspects of their personality in the view of the whole person: body, mind, spirit.


We respect nature and try to encourage participants in the same direction and try to minimize to the maximum the impact of our activities.

Our Team
Octávio Teixeira (CEO - Founder)
Former military parachutist, ex scout, 1st year of Environmental Engineering, guide of almost everything and mentor of this project.
Jacinta Valverde (Co Ownner - Guia)
Former military, sociologist, body psycho therapist, yoga teacher, canyoning guide and counterweight of crazy ideas that come up.
Marcio Abrantes (Guia)
Guide of Canyoning and Sup, driver of anything that has wheels and canoeing practitioner whitewater.
Tânia Gabirro(Guide)
Guide of Canyoning and Sup, canoeing whitewater and always available for whatever comes.
Rafael Soares (Guide)
Rafting Master Guide and licensed in Physical Education. Probably the best rafting guide in Portugal.
Practitioner of whitewater canoeing and canyoning
António Almeida (Guia)
Former military parachutist, Rapell and Canyoning guide, an adventure racer.
Albano Pereira (Guia)
Guide of Rapelling and Canyoning.
Former military parachutist, first aid specialist, skydiver and climber in his spare time.
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Marcio Abrantes (Guia)

Guide of Canyoning and Sup, driver of anything that has wheels and canoeing practitioner whitewater.